If you were asked to choose, shopping at e-commerce or at s-commerce , which one would you prefer?

In the midst of rampant activity in cyberspace, buying and selling activities have also shifted from being offline to being online. In fact, today’s shopping can not only be done in only e-commerce , but can be done on social media or better known as s-commerce .

To judge which one is better, shopping through e-commerce or s-commerce , you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Choosing E-Commerce or S-Commerce

You can now enjoy the convenience of doing daily or monthly shopping more freely. Both the seller and the buyer are gathered together in one container called e-commerce and s-commerce .

So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of both?

Operational hour

In terms of operating hours, e-commerce is superior to s-commerce . E-commerce can make sales for 24 hours non-stop, even if you are sleeping, transactions can happen.

Unfortunately, this advantage is not owned by s-commerce. Because, the buying and selling system in s-commerce still have limited operating hours. Maybe, at certain hours s-commerce still accessible to buyers. However, there are also buyers who make transactions in the middle, right? If so, reliable e-commerce .

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Product Reviews

Review product is very important to build customer trust. From review products, buyers can know the quality of the desired goods. Sadly, product reviews don’t always exist in e-commerce. Because, the buyer has no obligation to provide their review of the goods that have been purchased.

However, these product reviews can be very effective when on s-commerce. Because buyers will find it easier to do review products in their respective social. From The reviews that have been made are also easy to share by social media users with a wider reach.


Then, when compared to buying and selling transactions, e-commerce superior. Because all transactions must go through a platform whose system has been tested. So if there are goods that do not arrive or there is no fraud, consumer funds are still safe. Indirectly also minimize the occurrence of fraud in cyberspace.

As for s-commerce, transactions outside the platform alias make payments manually. If the seller or buyer commits fraud, it will be a little difficult to investigate. This is because there is no established system like the one in e-commerce .

Product Catalog

In e-commerce You will be offered an established system, starting from a buying and selling transaction system, a history of incoming and outgoing funds, to a product catalog that can be viewed at any time. Product catalog in e- commerce can be monitored for 24 hours, making it easier for consumers who want to make transactions even in the middle of the night.

Unlike e-commerce, s-commerce does not have a product catalog. Sellers only rely on features chat to offer their wares, such as product specifications and also other product variants. Of course, from a seller’s point of view, you need more effort to sell their wares.

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Buyer and Seller Interaction

In e-commerce, the interaction of buyers and sellers is very limited. Because e-commerce it is deliberately made for you who prioritize the value of practicality. So it does not require more intense interaction.

Different from s-commerce which is basically social media is to interact. So that there is more interaction between sellers and buyers when using s-commerce.

Both e-commerce and s-commerce, both have their pluses and minuses. If you want to develop a business in the digital world, you can use the features available on Enablr.id. Please select the product you need. Starting from Links, Hyperlinks, to Loops. Or, just try the free demo on the main page!