Indonesia is a Digital Country

Indonesia is one of the most enthusiastic users of digital technology in the world with an average internet access time of more than 8 hours per day!

Ease of access, variety of choices and competitive prices on online platforms, drive consumption levels and contribute to the very fast growth of online sales. By 2021, more than 120 million Indonesians are used to transacting online with a market value of USD 40 billion!

No less than 20% of jobs in the future are predicted to be directly related to the online industry and this is a challenge as well as an opportunity for everyone to participate in the online industry.


In 2020, Enablr was established with the aim of helping business players grow optimally through technological innovations and services that are in line with the development of the online industry. Enablr KITS is the initial set of Enablr services and solutions designed on an ongoing basis to realize the success of your online business.

In 2021, through its subsidiary, Enablr will focus on developing blockchain technology applications in e-commerce to be at the forefront of the next evolution of the online industry. In the not too distant future, Blockchain technology, AR & VR, Mobile Commerce and Digital Payments will become an inseparable part of the online industry and will have a major impact on many aspects of life in Indonesia.

Enablr will continue to provide solutions with proven systems to deal with various challenges in online business. Whether you’re just starting out or have been selling for a long time, we have a solution for everyone!

Our mission is to help companies GROW .

We want to OPTIMIZE companies potential by empowering users

with EASY yet powerful e-commerce solutions.

We simplify your business processes in e-commerce with advanced technology that is easy to use
We ensure optimal use of your investment and resources in e-commerce to generate good profitability.
We will continue to grow your business to achieve the scalability you want to achieve.

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